March 30, 2006


There is a friend of mine... kid at heart but gem of a guy! Always makes me smile, (U knw who u are) an amazing musician, another Andrew Lloyd Webber in the making, or maybe even better...
These are a few lines written by him a long time back....

One Numb Frame

Tomorrow I will be another man
Tomorrow there will be no plan
Tomorrow I have a thing to do
Tomorrow I can't go on

Do I have the anosmia?
Do I take the sight into the picture?
Do I always judge a book by it's cover?

The smell of the fresh flowers don't reach my senses anymore
I have gone dead, I have lost all my sense
I've got nothing left, I have only one numb frame

It's there, always, ringing in my ears
killing me from the inside

I can't go on, I will give it all up
I will die, my mind's engulfed with fright

Beauty remains a mystery
And always will be, it seems to me
How long will I be shallow?
How long will I be weak?

Everything is giving away,
Is this the end then?
All is going blank and fading away
I am on my own now it seems

All that I built has gone down
All that I ever dreamt of has left my town
The journey to absolute zero has begun

I can't get up now
Can't get the strength.

I have not taken the permission of this sweet friend of mine while picking up these lines of his, but them I am sure he will not mind, these lines of his mean a lot to me too... dilemma... confusion... I hav faced it all... but then they dont just say 'Every darl cloud has a silver lining' for nothing do they? These lines may have different meanings for different people... would be glad to get a few comments and views on them...

Thanx to HIM! thanx to all!

*imagines music playing in the background*
*gets back to work*

love all