July 27, 2006

It's Raining. It's Pouring.

It's raining, it's pouring.
The Old Man is snoring,
He went to bed with a cold in his head,
And he didn't get up in the morning.
Rain, rain, go away,
A Little Girl wants to play.

After singing the rhyme, Little Girl asks "Why is the Old Man in bed with a cold in his head?" Since her mother cannot answer the question, Little Girl embarks on a quest to find out for herself. Once Little Girl secures a ladder, she begins to climb up and up, through the house, through the attic skylight, right up to the nearest thundercloud. Several creatures follow Little Girl on her ascent to the sky - a duck, a mouse, a dog, a bat, a robin, and a cat.

Old Man is a giant who lives in the clouds and controls the weather. He tells Little Girl that he has a terrible cold - his head hurts, his eyes are watering, and his throat tickles. Little Girl informs the giant that when she has a cold, her mother gives her hot honey and lemon to drink. Old Man tells Little Girl that he does not have a mother! She descends the ladder with her companions, including the newest addition, a Canada Goose. With the help of her mother, Little Girl assembles her own ingredients to cure the giant's cold. She also accumulates another creature - a hedgehog.

Once again, Little Girl and her companions ascend the ladder to Old Man's bed. The giant gratefully accepts all of elements of Little Girl's cure, and, immediately, he begins to feel better. The sun comes out, and, with the help of a sunbeam, courtesy of Old Man, Little Girl and her companions slide back home. Once there, Little Girl puts on her runners and goes outside to play - in the puddles!

Eveything is possible.
Imagination Daring.
Love Caring.
Rains and Me.


July 14, 2006

Made In India

Rashtrapati Bhavan, in the evening...
It happened on one of those days, I fell in Love...
In love with the most beautiful sights in the whole world.
Looking at the Presidential palace and lawns I felt a sudden surge of patriotism, you know the ones that you feel when you are a part of the parade at the India Gate lawns and the Indian Air Force planes flypast overhead...I do not know why... but that is one moment I feel as Indian as I can ever be.
A few things we take for granted are so much a part of our being that we forget to remember them. All a country needs is one reminder... which might just not be positive at all times, to reming then people of being one...of belonging to the Country... to each other.
I recommend to all, a walk down the India Gate lawns...from Rashtrapati Bhavan towards India Gate. Drive if you want to, but a walk does the trick...

(P.S. Wish hard for it to rain.)

Vande Mataram

July 10, 2006

Dancing in the RAIN...

The Rain Gods are finally smiling over Delhi...
All the prayers of the sunburnt Delhiites seemed to have been answered early Sunday morning when the city woke up to a thick blanket of grey clouds ready to pour down their contents over the sun-parched Delhi...
I too woke up to a lazy sunday, did not sleep much the night last because of the frequent power cuts all through the city.
Mom woke me up and told me to look out the window, I expected to see the sun shining in all its glory at 9 in the morning, instead the light drizzle of the beautiful morning was there to wish me a wonderful day!!
I was sooooo....... happy. I keep telling this to my friends, there are a few things in the world that can always put a smile on my face.... My Amma, wind, and ya.... RAIN!! :)
And just imagine all this together.
Sunday passed by and it was back to office after much coaxing by mom.

Me and Mrinalini are busy planning a rain dance party on my ghar ka terrace.... probably this week itself... sometime after office... Rain, Chai, Pakore and Friends... what more do we want....

It just started pouring cats and dogs outside... can't wait to get out there....
Till we meet next!

Keep Smiling
Pragnya :)