May 01, 2006

Me Again!

Was listening to a radio show last evening... on the long forgotten AIR FM...
A show called 'Hits & Memories'... some female was presenting the show... I tried hard to catch her name every time she said it.. but all I could hear was some kind of a mumble-jumble... any ways.... I guess thats how her name is supposed to be pronounced or maybe something was seroiusly wrong with her fake english accent. I know people find it difficult to pronounce MY name and I do not know why... its like Hello!... at least give it a shot once.... maybe you will be wrong but then there are chances of you being correct too... people just do not give it a try... hehehe! I just adore those who smile and say... "hey, I know its difficult, so do one thing and let us know how it is supposed to sound"... or even better... "sounds nice when you say it, but I like it better this way so im gonna call you this...."

Oh no! I keep wandering off the topic na! Ya, so I was talking about this show I was listening to yesterday... the presenter had this amazing line up of songs that I sort of grew up listening to...songs that we used to hum along while in the painting class in school...eating our drawing teachers' brains, songs that we had by-heart so as to be able to sing out loud during the lunch hour... or just to impress our western music teacher....and get an entry into the school choir, songs that I would listen to when I was down and outwhen nothing but music would help...times when the only thing that was there to worry about was exams and friends!

She had on her list, songs by Queen, Wham, Billy Joel, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tracy Chapman, SADE, Carl Douglas and the the first thing that I did as soon as I could access the internet was to lay my hands on the lyrics of these songs and then mail them to my school friends. The idea is to get them to remember the good old days...the days long gone... the ones that we will cherish all our lives...

Looks like im in a pensive mood a dire need of a heavy dose of ummm....hmmmm...something!
These are just a few of the songs that make me feel like its school time again...those carefree years and those teachers I miss and who remember me even if I get to meet them once in 4 years. I do not want to get into the 'I miss School zone' simply because I miss school....

I think its just music... music does that to me! nothing is better than my favourite music and a cup of coffee on the terrace at 12 at night...things are looking up....the stars are the only ones looking down!

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