March 15, 2006

Me: the eternel daydreamer...

Autumn winds
Your French name is~Ciel~which means 'sky'.You are a day dreamer. You sit and stare at the
clouds, wishing that you could be somewhere
else. You love to imagine what life could be
like if you were someone else, somewhere
else. You are curious and sometimes

What is your French name?
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Samir Bhat said...

I think u are a special person and dreamz. All of us dream. Reveries and at night. One must never stop to dream. Thats something no one can take away from you. Infact my last post is about Dreamz.


Ajit Chouhan said...

Nice Blog,some really nice thoughts.I came to your blog through Orkut.Keep it up.

LazyThoughts said...

Nice Blogs... saw you had posted a comment on my Blog site :, Glad you like it.. and you keep blogging !