June 08, 2006

tower in the sky

It was but yesterday we met in a dream.
You have sung to me in my aloneness, and I
Of your longingness have built a tower in the sky
But now our sleep has fled and our dream is
Over, and it is no longer dawn.
The noontide is upon us and our half waking,
Has turned to fuller day, and we must part.
If in the twilight of memory we should meet
Once more, we shall speak again together and you
Shall sing to me a deeper song.
And if our hands should meet in another dream
We shall build another tower in the sky.

--- 'The Prophet' By Kahlil Gibran


Bhanu said...
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Bhanu said...

Hi...just bumped into you on orkut...read your blog...Bob Dylan....Kahlil Gibran...and let me add Alex Pushkin..Chekhov...Milton...Anna Karenina...Kurt Cobain...Jim Morrison...!! well the additions are mine...do they happen to be your list too...!!? just a query...awsome blog anyways!!:)