June 16, 2006

On a day like today!

Today is one of those days...
When you do not feel like working at all, but still come to office just to look at that one face that puts a smile on yours!
YES! I did smile... but along came the part when I had to work too... so tried hard after lunch to lay my hands on a fresh story to put up on the website...

We had ordered lunch today, Mrinalini and I. Burgers from Mc Donalds... they arrived, in the hands of a handsome delivery boy...and for a minute or two I did consider leaving a tip...but the guy put me off bad as he did not have a bill for our stuff... now, I am very particular with these things...so mood off again...DID NOT leave a tip.

Lunch over, had nothing much to do, or maybe just not in the mood to work! (Moody am I not?)
Mrinalini mailed me on my mail id, while sitting right beside me; There were rain clouds outside...the Sun had finally decided to go off for an evening walk, making way for those beautiful grey clouds hovering over a city full of smiling faces!

It is now becoming a very common thing, Mrinalini and Me, after more than 4 years of friendship have stated reading each others minds, though she is better at it most of the time!
She did not have to even utter a syllable, for we both turned had off our monitors at the same time, picked up our phones and walked right out of office giggling!

We planned to go to the park nearby and bitch about a few people in office... for that we needed energy, for energy we needed something to eat, we reached the nearby DMS shop for some munchies...grabbed a pack and headed straight to the swings in the park. These swings are usually the playground of screaming kids with their nannies who meet up with each other totalk to about their respective employers!

We grabbed a swing each and started talking about our school time when getting on such swings was no less that winning a world cup! With the rain clouds upon us, we went about talking about different stuff...u know girly stuff...talk about guys, fun, getaways, crushes, ex-boyfriends etc... but our talk was soon broken by the winds that felt as if they had been running after someone themselves... we decided to stay for some more time, challenging the winds, soon small drops of rain started pattering on our heads, we gave up our swinging adventures as the small drops turned into bigger ones, shielded under a neem tree, we were still munching on 'Kurkure' when it actually started to rain heavily. Suddenly, the clouds had opened their doors to the sun-parched earth, and we were outside office with no shelter from it.

We began walking to office, slowly at first, then faster as we realized that the rain was not in the mood to stop anytime soon! Took us less than 5 minutes to reach office, but those 5 min were enough to leave uss drenched from head to foot! We entered office all soaked, and a 'sight for soar eyes' as one of our colleagues exclaimed!! Both of us shot straight to the washroom, still giggling about the whole episode!

Its days like these, that leave us Happy and Content deep inside. Altough the sun did shine soon after we came back to office, but we still would not exchange that for anything else, for it was fun beyond words!!

Thanx, to the pattering RAIN, to the hurried WIND, to my best friend Pinky, and to you sweetheart!
Thanx for giving me reasons to smile all the time, all day long!


अभिषेक पाण्डेय said...

OO pyar ke musafir, kabhi kuchh kaam bhi kar liya kar....:)

well, nice post, quite nostalgic like the ones by Rahul Sankrityayan, good going!!

Bhanu said...

a narrative...something only those who have been thru a similar situation can relate to..i personally feel rains shud be avoided...in small cities like mine...they are sure signs of powercuts...filth..stench and dirty clothes!!:D

Mrinalini said...

haan yaar it was big time fun.. it was a l'll embarrassing entering the ofc but now i think tht was fun too...
can we go again today. with the kurkure on the swings.. everything same minus rains ...:D???