February 12, 2007


I wait for you,
anxious to see your face.

I stand and watch,
looking for the first sign of your arrival.

I finally see you,
I take a second look to make sure you're really there.

My pulse races and I crack a smile,
this is what I've been waiting for.

You begin to approach,
you say, "Sorry, I'm late."

I say, "No problem."
But I think to myself, 'I'd have waited forever.'


avinashkumar said...

i hav never been in love but i can feel d passion u have for ur love.aftr all its d human emotions thru which poetry originates. n my god wht a collection of poetry u hav created.
any publisher so far?

अभिषेक पाण्डेय said...

Chorni!!! copy karte hue tujkhe sharm nahi aati!! ;-) aur log bhi kya-kya bol dete hain!! :-P

Samir Bhat said...

Nice poems. So, thats ur hobby -- collecting poems. Do u also write poetry, Pragya. I know, I left out N, cos I think that is superflous.