January 23, 2006


Something inside my heart says,
Let me come out.
Please do me this favor,
I’m feeling left out.

Why do u nurse me night and day,
When u know that I’m so stray?
Why do I find that with all your heart?
U care for me and my brothers;

While just to care about my kin in their heart
,Is the nature of some others?
Why do I find that just for me?
Your heart weeps like lime;

While the other person who made me cry is having a wonderful time.
I taught u love,
I taught u hate.
But the consequences are all your fate.

I taught u laugh,
I taught u cry,
And without me,
u'd be all dry.

When u were little,
I taught u life,
U didn't even know I existed;

But remember this dear old friend,
That none of this is listed.
So I beg of u,
my heart and soul;

Never leave me apart,
But don't care for me so much,
That u lose your heart.
I’m a major part of you;

my ways are soothing and healing;
And if u still don't recognize me,
Dear I’m your "FEELING"!

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